IMG_9011Five days ago, we visited the new student from Libya. He was interested to know Poltekkes Permata Indonesia. Therefore, we tried to convey our short profile in English. Hopefully this can be understood.

Poltekes Permata Indonesia in Yogyakarta is the College organized by the Administering Agency for Higher Education (BPPTS) Yayasan Keluarga Sejahtera Yogyakarta, now has three courses namely Midwifery Diploma, Diploma in Pharmacy, and a Diploma in Medical Records and Health Information. Poltekes Permata Indonesia as one of the universities in Yogyakarta also has tasks in the whole Indonesian human development, which is based on Pancasila an UUD 1945.

Management and development Poltekes Permata Indonesia based on the strategic planning, operational planning and implementation of targeted and adequate. Poltekes Permata Indonesia seeks optimal as possible, out put human resources at yield is qualified human resources. This is reflected in the Vision, Mission and Objectives Poltekes Permata Indonesia.

Vision of Poltekkes Permata Indonesia is Higher education professionals who are educating prospective midwifery personnel, pharmacists, and medical records and health information that have good quality and independent.

In accordance with the vision that has been set, then the Mission Poltekes Permata Indonesia are:

  1. OrganizingeducationMidwifery, Pharmacy, Medical RecordsandHealth Informationprofessionalswiththecompetency-based
  2. Implementation ofthe globalcompetitivecurriculumchargedwithsupportedEnglish proficiencyandtechnology
  3. Promote partnershipin theacademic fieldwithother institutions
  4. Organizinga practicaleducationthatcan enhancestudents’ qualifiedlearners
  5. Conductstudentstudygroupas a form ofintegrated learning



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